Blog Inspirations

The girls at How Two Live are a huge influence on my blog. Colorful, vibrant and down right charming, these girls are fashion icons. With an Instagram following of 111k, their fame and fan-base is growing rapidly. Stef and Jess (two sisters) share their adventures via their website, Instagram and Snapchat. I’ve definitely been obsessed with them for over a year and experienced a fan girl moment when they replied to my Snapchat. (check HTL on instagram @howtwolive)

htl 1 htl 2 htl 3htl 4

My second favourite blogger is specklesoftash aka Tash Bonniface. At only 20 years old, this girl is slaying the fashion scene in New Zealand. Her style is colourful and quirky, so unique that it could never be replicated. She’s one of a kind. This past year, Tash’s blog has exploded with new developments including attending exclusive events and being a representative for many brands. Follow her instagram @tashbonniface to check out all her OOTD’s. She also has another blog, dedicated to just her style creations.

tash 1 tash 2 tash 3 tash 4

Huge respect and appreciation for both these blogs.


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