The Devil Wears Primark

There are two sides to having a sixteen year old sister. There’s the side which still resembles the sweet child you once knew and then there’s the side which causes all hell. Yet, I can sympathize with her. Sixteen is a horrible age to be. It’s stuck in between adulthood and being a child, for example at sixteen you’re expected to make decisions regarding your future (which is certainly a step into adulthood) but you can’t drink or drive. There’s also so little to do at sixteen (unless you have generous parents or a part-time job). Despite all this, I remember being sixteen fondly as opposed to negatively.

It was my not-so-sweet sixteen year old sister’s prom this week. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a prom professional. I booked her into hair and makeup. My mom helped choose her a dress and shoes. There were some issues in that department; my sister is essentially built like a fairy. Petite waist with long hair and graceful long legs. Que the jealousy. It took her several stores before she found her dress and then there it was; white with a beaded bodice and a short organza/net skirt. One word: perfect. The day of prom arrived and it all went surprisingly smoothly. I took pictures of her getting ready. I like to think she’ll have these as little mementos to remember her prom.

P1050949P1050921P1050945 P1050963P1050951

Sixteen is a horrible age to be and be around but you still have to treasure moments like these. You have to have patience and bear in mind that sixteen is a phase. I grew out of it and I think most people do eventually.


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