Red Lip Classic

Apologies for the long break in between posts but I recently got into my university of choice so my time has been filled with celebrating and getting ready to move! As of this September (2015), I will officially be an English and Journalism student.

My third holiday outfit is like something from Taylor Swift’s wardrobe with her lyrics to match (“And I got that red lip classic thing that you like“). I wore a simple, vintage style checked dress from H&M and paired it with my JuJu fisherman sandals. The shoes take me right back to my childhood, I had an orange pair of these when I was younger. Except I totally hated them back then, they always felt like they were cutting into my feet. These pair, luckily, are exceptionally comfy. Naturally,I had to add French dessert to the mix. Nobody can do patisserie like the French can. Even the smallest bakery in the tiniest of French towns is capable of producing treats which will wow and amaze.



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